Bagaimana MICRO PIEZO bekerja pada PRINTER DTG / KAOS ???


Bagaimana MICRO PIEZO bekerja pada PRINTER DTG / KAOS  ???


Micro Piezo technology is based on the phenomenon of piezoelectricity where materials like crystals and ceramics (known as “piezoelectric materials”) react physically by bending, vibrating or expanding when an electrical charge is applied to them.

Micro Piezo print heads feature microscopic piezoelectric actuators that are built behind the print nozzles. When an electrical charge is applied to them, the piezoelectric elements bend backward, drawing precise amounts of ink from the ink chamber into the firing chamber. When the electrical pulse is reversed, the piezoelectric elements bend the opposite way very rapidly, propelling the ink out of the nozzles at high speed.

To improve print resolution, speed and gradations, Epson has refined its Micro Piezo technology to be able to precisely eject ink droplets of up to five different sizes by controlling minute variations in the charge applied to the piezoelectric actuators of the print heads. “

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